ConFusion Accessibility Improvement Fund

2017 marked a new era for ConFusion. It was the first time ConFusion asked it’s panelists and presenters to contribute to the funds that run ConFusion. This decision came as a direct result of growing accessibility needs of the fannish community. ConFusion is very proud of its current accessibility policy but knows that the current offerings are lacking for the greater community. Unfortunately for a small non-profit convention, the cost of some basic accessibility needs is daunting.  ConFusion is dedicated to providing a space for everyone, regardless of able-ness.

Where does this money go?

  • 2022 – Providing Health and Safety resources due to the pandemic.
  • 2020 – Pronoun Ribbons for everyone. 
  • 2020 -Dedicated budget in Consuite for Allergen/Dietary Restrictive Foods
  • Providing ASL Interpreters in Large Events
  • Providing Additional A/V setups
  • Purchase of Personal Audio Devices
  • Providing CC on Visual Presentations
  • Ramps for Stages
  • Additional Hotel Space for Quiet Room
  • Accessibility Seating in All Presentation Rooms
  • Wider Variety for Allergen/Dietary Restrictive Eating in ConSuite
  • Accessibility Training for Staff
  • Cover Badge Costs for Accessibility Companions
  • Large Print Program Books (and Braille potentially)

Who does this apply to?

  • Presenters
  • Musicians
  • Panelists
  • Game Masters

Who is exempt?

  • Current GoH and their +1
  • Previous GoH’s

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