At-the-Door Registration Info

At-the-Door Memberships will be available!

If for some reason you did not pre-register, no worries! We will be selling memberships with our At-the-Door Rates listed below. be sure to review our 2023 COVID Policies prior to arrival at Avatar: The Legend of ConFusion to prevent any issues when purchasing your at-the-door membership!

Please Note:

  • You Must provide ID, and provide Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination OR Proof of Negative Covid-19 Test taken within 72 hours prior to your purchase of an At-the-Door Membership for ConFusion 2023
  • Avatar: The Legend of ConFusion does NOT accept Checks. No exceptions. 
  • We do accept Parent/Legal Guardian ID for children ages 0-17. 
  • Each Membership Badge sold will require ID as well as the required Proof outlined in our COVID-19 policy for that member. Please do not ask us to provide a membership badge for someone not present with ID and appropriate COVID-19 proof. Thanks!
  • Avatar: The Legend of  ConFusion does not offer Single Day Rates for membership. 

At-the-Door Rates:

  • $90.00 – Adult (18+)
  • Free – GoH Emeritus
  • $70.00 – ConChair Emeritus 
  • $65.00 – Teen (13-17)
  • $52.00 – KidFusion (5-12)
  • Free – Kid-in-Tow (0-4)
  • $25.00 – Panelist/Presenter/Game Masters
  • $20.00 – ConCom/Staff
  • Please Note: Conchair Emeritus Free Badges no longer apply. The AASFA Board of Directors changed this policy effective June 2019. Former ConChairs should select their type of registration from the list above.

Registration Type Details:

Adult (18+): An adult badge grants access to all panels, including readings and autograph sessions, as well as access to the consuite, gaming room, and parties. (Please note: some events may have age restrictions and will require identification for entry/participation.)

GoH Emeritus: Our former Guests of Honor always have a home here at ConFusion. As such, when they return home, we provide them their badge at no cost. 

Conchair Emeritus: 2020 ConFusion brought with it changes to the previous policy of offering Free Badges to former ConFusion ConChairs. The Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association Board of Directors voted in June 2019 to end the policy of providing free registration to former ConChairs. Former ConChairs can select their type of registration based on the list above.

ConCom/Staff: 2020 marked a new era for ConFusion. It is the first time ConFusion is asking its Convention Committee and Staff to contribute to the funds that run ConFusion. ConCom and Staff wanting to Pre-register must first receive a code which will authorize their $20.00 registration. Please email your department head or email for further information and your code.

Panelist/Presenter/Musician/Game Masters: 2017 marked a new era for ConFusion. It was the first time ConFusion asked its panelists and presenters to contribute to the funds that run ConFusion. This decision came as a direct result of growing accessibility needs of the fannish community. Amazingly our Panelists/Presenters/Musicians/Game Masters supported this effort! For further information visit our Accessibility Improvement Fund Page.


Teens (13 – 17): Recognizing that our Teen Members bring a great deal to our convention, the Avatar: The Legend of ConFusion committee wanted to encourage their participation. 2022 was the first year that Teen Registration is slightly less than Adult. This is our recognition of the value our Teens provide, while understanding that their funds may be more limited.

  • TeenFusion: ConFusion offers teen appropriate programming throughout the weekend. These events include table-top gaming, crafting & costuming, along with GoH SodaKlatches. See TeenFusion programming for more details. (Please note: TeenFusion does not serve meals and will close during meal hours)

KidFusion: ConFusion is proud to offer kid-centric programming. This programming takes place in its own space and is geared for kids from ages 5 to 12 (See TeenFusion for teenage programming). GoH KookieKlatches, SF/F Art Projects, and much more.  See KidFusion programming for more details. (Please note: KidFusion does not serve meals and will close during meal hours)

Kid-in-Tow: If you plan to bring young children (under 5) to ConFusion, please register them with our kid-in-tow option. There is no charge for this membership. Although ConFusion does not offer additional services for children of this age group, having a badge will help our operations and registration staff to act quickly, if the need arises.

Children at ConFusion:

  • As a family-friendly convention, ConFusion welcomes children of all ages and strives to provide appropriate programming for all. With their membership each child is welcome to attend most events (see above exceptions), partake of the consuite, and is also privy to additional events for kids. In order to participate in KidFusion each family is asked to donate 2 hours of time at KidFusion Panels.

If you have any KidFusion questions email:


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